Anyone Seen My $625K in Gold?

Miami International Airport (MIA) has seen a very high number of bomb scares in recent years but this story caught my attention. Seriously, a shipment of gold valued at $625,000 was received at MIA and no one knows where it went? Wow, talk about a lost luggage problem!

Seems the gold was loaded onto a luggage cart by AA handlers. The cart was found about an hour later in front of another gate. No surprise, the gold was missing. Hopefully the other passengers all received their bags timely.

Thanks to this article, we learn that gold is the #1 import at MIA with a value of nearly $8 billion. Thanks, never knew that.


  1. Only a moron puts that much heavy gold in a suitcase. If it was stolen, well good for the thieves!

  2. @jason if my math is right, that’s only about 28-30lbs of gold. easily fitting in a normal sized carry-on. really not that much gold in terms of real world size or weight.

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