You Want Fries with that BAcon?

Later this week the Boarding Area blogs should light up after the majority of BA bloggers plus several other well-known bloggers spend a long weekend with uber leader Randy Petersen in Colorado Springs. Randy created the first ever Boarding Area Conference, which goes by the name of BAcon. Each day is packed with events, which means they will be very long, but the adrenaline will keep everyone going.

Randy’s House of Miles team has put together a fantastic non-stop program to assure us very busy days ahead but there will be some socializing time, too. This is important because while we may blog together on Boarding Area, many of us have never met each other. I am sure it will be helpful for all of us to get to know each other better.

I am super excited about attending this event. How excited? I am flying in from Norway only for the purpose of attending. As soon as it is over, I turn around and head right back to Norway for client work. Why fly into Colorado Springs for only a few days? I wouldn’t miss it for the world!

The purpose of this event is to make us better bloggers for you. No time on this visit to see the Air Force Academy, tour the Gardens of the Gods, or trek up Pike’s Peak on this visit. I won’t have time to sneak up to Denver or cruise over to Estes Park for elk viewing. This is about work, but it is good work because you will be the beneficiaries. Each of us is making a commitment to serve you better. This long weekend is a step in that direction.

Like many of you, I really enjoy the BA blogs. So many bloggers offering so many different perspectives. We are similar but also different in so many ways. We are male and female, young and old, flying for business or seeking out the best deals for leisure travel. What we all have is common is a love for travel blogging.

It would be a personal hope that all the bloggers will write about their BAcon experiences. While I expect to gain some wonderful knowledge through this time sharing, I am curious what others will take away as well. Did I miss something? Did they hear something I didn’t? Will their weekend investment time yield something I never thought about?

I am so much looking forward to this coming weekend. Ready to bring on the fries with the BAcon!

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  1. It will be a great weekend, I can’t wait!

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