Awesome Airport Grocery App – But You Can’t Use It

Recently, I read about this grocery shopping app and got real excited. Seriously, an app that could go to Whole Foods and do my shopping when I arrive at my destination? Better yet, they will arrange for your grocery shopping when you return from a trip? Sounded too good to be true but what a great idea for frequent fliers, one quick stop to pick up your food as you leave the airport.

Well, it is a bit too good to be true, at least for me and most of the readers. In its current version, this is an Australian app and service (at this time, at least) is limited to Melbourne Airport. Yes, the one in Australia (MEL), not the one in Florida (MLB).  The company who created this, Woolworths, thought it would be a good idea to assist travelers who are returning home.  Have to agree with them there.

To the Aussie readers, this sounds like a great app to try out. Orders can be placed up to seven days before pick-up. To everyone else, please keep your eyes open for a similar app in the U.S. and if you spot one, please let me know.


  1. My local grocery store will let me order online and pick up for a small fee, but I don’t tend to do a lot of shopping at the grocery store…I tend to eat out most meals.

  2. I think lots of grocery stores now deliver groceries – I’ve used the service in Denver and Chicago quite a bit. It’s not an App, you have to go onto their websites, but it gets the same thing accomplished. I usually have a delivery within 2 hours of arriving at home, and they are very good about changing delivery times when my flights go IR.

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