Travel to Mars? Yes, Sort Of…

Sometimes travel is out of this world. Literally.

I have talked about space travel before but this time NASA is giving us an opportunity to take our place in space. Their Orion spacecraft is preparing for a journey to Mars and you can go along. Okay, not exactly, more in mind than body. The ship is unmanned but there is a way to join in the action.

NASA is collecting names to be aboard Orion as it sails into outer space, scheduled for December 4th. If you want to be part of this solar trip, just go to NASA’s signup site and enter the required information. NASA even promises to give “frequent flier”

points and future flights. You are awarded points for the 60,000 mile trip but even more fun to me, you can print a boarding pass.


I will leave the jokes to Gary about how many SkyPesos it will take for an award mileage trip to the Angry Planet and will leave to others the complaints if these seats are not true lie-flats.

Full Moon

If you are interested, note that you have to sign up by the end of this month. If all goes well, at least a part of you will be soon on your way to orbiting Mars on Orion’s inaugural journey.



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