Traveling for Thanksgiving? Check out the Weather Forecast

Being a weather forecaster has to be one of the greatest jobs ever. What other job can you be right only half the time and still keep your job? J

TurkeyThe Washington Post says there is some nasty weather heading up the East Coast for the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday. The mid-Atlantic region will be affected as well as the Northeast Corridor, everything from rain to snow. While rain will not generally delay flights, snow and wind certainly will, as will lightning.

Please remember, your flights might be affected even if you are not flying in this region. It is possible you may have a flight that has to reposition from an affected area. This creates havoc not only with aircraft but crew positioning as well.

Here are several ways to make the best of a flight delay.

While many may be delayed this holiday, remember that it is still all about arriving safely.

Hope everyone has a safe, fantastic holiday.


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