TAM Airlines Changes Flight Number after Psychic Crash Prediction

I know, better to be safe than sorry. At least that’s what TAM Airlines was thinking when they decided to change the number of a flight just because a psychic told them if they didn’t, their plane would crash.

TAM AirlinesApparently this famous Brazilian psychic contacted the airline and told them that their flight JJ3720 from Sao Paulo would develop engine trouble on takeoff and crash in the city. Not taking any chances, TAM changed the flight number to JJ4732. There was no explanation why merely changing the flight number would be enough to avoid the engine trouble.

Looks like he was correct because after the flight number changed, the plane didn’t crash into the city. Anyway, being a psychic, he already knew before he made the call that the flight number would be changed. J

Just wondering …. if you knew a psychic had such a prediction for a flight you were about to board, would you get on the plane?


  1. We should wait till tomorrow as he predicted that the crash would happen on Wednesday, the 26th of November

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