Are The Langoliers for Real?

Recently I had a post on the 15 Movies You Will Never See on Airplanes. Thanks to some comments, I decided to do a Part 2 which will post soon. In part 2, I mention that the movie, The Langoliers, was the scariest movie about airplanes and airports I have ever seen.


Well, imagine the surprise when I saw this Newsweek article about Black Seadevil fish. For those who remember the 1995 movie, this fish is nearly identical to the Langoliers shown in the movie, right down toBlack Seadevilthe wide mouth and razor sharp teeth. I always thought they were just made-up science fiction but who knows, maybe they were based on real fish.

Well, there are a couple differences. First, the Langoliers were pretty large while the female version of the Black Seadevil is only about 3.5 inches long and the male is even smaller. They may be small but looking at those teeth, you will want to stay away for sure. Second, Langoliers can fly; Seadevils can only swim – but really, who knows?

I’m not sure if Black Seadevils can eat entire airports but check out the short video on the Newsweek website and compare for yourself.

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  1. I loved that movie “The Langoliers” but it has been years since I’ve seen it. I’m not sure I completely understood the whole thing when I saw it, but I thought it was an interesting story anyways. Thanks for mentioning it, now I have to see if it’s on Netflix and rent it!

  2. BothofUs2, you are in luck. Yes, it is definitely available online from Netflix if you have a real-time account, or whatever they call it. It had also been years since I saw the movie but Netflix got it into my blood again. Awesome flick from S. King but not as scary even on a 60″ home widescreen as seeing it in the movie theater.

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