At BoardingArea, We Are All the Same…But Different

Nearly everyone who visits BoardingArea has an interest in travel so that typically means flying. That said, some BA visitors drive to destinations while others take a train or cruise. To that end, we are all the same but deeper down, we are really very different.

BoardingArea LogoOn a personal level, of course we are different. Some readers are comparatively old, others quite young. We are different genders, races, religions, and we come from different nations and cultures. Some of us are business travelers, others travel for leisure, many do a combination of both.

Some are single travelers, others journey with a family. Some have young children, others have older children. Some travel with a large family, for others only as a couple.

Some care most about earning miles and points while it’s all about earning elite status for others. Not surprising, for many it is the best combination of both.

And then there are those who come to BoardingArea only for the deals. These ‘gamers’ – so-called from the industry perspective – learn tips, tricks, and techniques to maximize their travel benefits. Some are more hardcore, looking for ways to churn credit cards and use manufactured spend to squeeze out all the benefits possible.

But others come here to learn about what’s going on in the travel industry. It may mean industry news, new aircraft or a new route for an airline, or a hotel chain that’s expanding. Based on the feedback I have received, many want to read more trip reports and others want to know the “best” whatever even though trying to qualify ‘best’ is very difficult.

Some BoardingArea visitors care the most about their time. Air connections mean more travel time and the possibility of delays. Others like connecting flights because it may increase their mileage earnings as well as earn greater elite status miles. Those that qualify for elite status based on segments are always watching that number carefully.

Some never check their bags, others pack more for various reasons – or don’t want to schlep their carryon-size bag through an airport – so their bags are checked.

Flying out of airline hubs tends to push a local carrier preference. Makes sense since at hubs, these airlines offer more flights so there are greater opportunities for destinations and to work around delays. Others prefer flying out of non-hubs because their chances for upgraded seats may be improved.

And then there is that issue with regional jets. Some are forced to fly them with certain airlines, others look for workarounds to use the more frequently preferred mainline jets.

Many here have preferred airlines or alliances but others care exclusively about cost seeking the least expensive flight no matter what.

Some care most about the seating like all-aisle access or maybe in-flight entertainment. Others care most about the food. And some here only fly in business or first class.

Of course, service is high on everyone’s list.

Nothing right or wrong about any of the visitors to BoardingArea, just different perspectives and interests but all tied together with a common bond – a love for travel.

Wishing you happy and safe travels in 2015, no matter how you get there or why you go 🙂

And thanks for bringing us BoardingArea bloggers along for the ride.

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  1. Happy New Year 2015 Carol.

    We are all travelers in many different ways. So true.

    I am a solo traveler and part of a traveling couple. No kids to consider, only cats who do pretty well on their own for one week.

    I spent years ‘chasing status’ and now that is not as important to me. The front part of the plane is fun, but that gets expensive no matter how you earn the miles. I’m happy with economy class these days since I no longer fly 100,000 miles per year.

    The airline mistake fares do not intrigue me so much anymore. My time is more precious to me now as I have gotten older and my interest to plan travel to places I really want to visit is more important than a $300 fare to some far-flung destination I decided to travel to only due to a $300 mistake fare.

    Since United and Delta have moved to revenue based miles earning, high elite status costs more than I care to spend and weekends traveling 12,000 miles simply to earn miles is not appealing any more.

    In 2015 I’d rather plan a two-week trip to a place where I really want to be and focus my effort on planning my time in the place to be luxuriously comfortable rather than focused on getting to the place in luxurious comfort.

    The need to see everything is no longer compelling in my travel. The desire to enjoy the time away from home comfortably and in a stress-free, relaxing way is my major objective these days.

  2. To add to what Ric said, Carol: it is significantly less expensive to be luxuriously comfortable at a hotel than on an airplane; and yet the experience is much longer at the hotel than board an airplane.

    Also, Ric: I suppose it helps if that mistake fare is to a please which you really want to visit — or at least to a place where you can get to your desired destination that much less expensively…

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