First Business Trip of the Year is Underway!

After two wonderful weeks at home, it’s time to hit the road!


I had not been home for a full two-week stint in several months – since April. Wow, these past several days with my family and friends sure went fast. The thoughts of a year-end mileage run to retain my Diamond status on Delta fell by the wayside. The days were too precious to by flying half-way around the world. I may regret this later though I’ll have to remember the focus on the family that is so much more important.

For 2014, I spent part or all of 44 weeks on the road. I expect the same for this year, though am anticipating shorter trips and not the week or multi-week long business travel of this past year. Though starting out 2015, it is already a multi-week, multi-city trip. Ah, well.

To start off the year, I’ve been upgraded to first class on my United flight (1K status) and I’ll be upgraded tonight to an ocean view room at a Hilton Garden Inn (Diamond status). United’s Wi-Fi exists on my flight and is working. This bodes well for a successful 2015 travel year.

And I’ll keep this guy’s photo with me to remember my precious days at home:

Dexter Christmas 2014

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