Journey into the Past: Old Planes Refurbished

I wasn’t around in the 1940’s and even if I was, it was very unlikely I could afford to fly. Those were the days when ‘the experience’ was more important than Boy as a pilottime. For those who are curious to experience a journey into the past, look for one of the refurbished aircraft from that era.

Everything from Connies to DC-3’s and 4’s are still out there somewhere if you look hard enough. A bit more exotic but still flying are vintage aircraft like a Ford Tri-Motor and the lone remaining B-24 along with the B-25 and B-17.

For something a little more contemporary and literally down to earth, another option is The Pan Am Experience, first mentioned on BoardingArea last year by friend and fellow blogger Chris McGinnis. This is the only way to enjoy a 1970’s era up-in-the-air throwback without all the nasty turbulence that came along with the flight.




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  1. I flew on the one of the last island airlines ford trimotor flights before they lost the plane in a plane crash. The liberty aviation museum in Port Clinton Ohio has an restored ford tri motor. Would fly the tri again in a heartbeat. May need to see if they are going to have sightseeing flights in summer 2015.

  2. Carol,

    If you want to fly the tin goose aka ford tri motor. Check out some flights are planned close to you in Florida soon. Seventy dollars for a flight. I’m going up in liberty aviation museums tin goose memorial day weekend. Then I’ll head to cedar point to ride roller coasters. living close to both these places makes it an easy day trip. Plus I get to fuel my toft’s ice cream addiction. A kiddie cone of buckeye bash is on the agenda. The only place I know that a kiddie cone has almost a pint of ice cream.

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