Is the President a Business Traveler?

I enjoyed reading this article from the Washington Post outlining where the President traveled to last year but it was most interesting learning about how Obama with Business Travel Success bookmany miles he flew. After all, miles are generally how we measure our elite status so I was curious how we stack up against him.

Like many business travelers, the President’s flying varies from month to month. He started off the year slow with only 2,700 miles in January. His first international trip the following month but his busiest up-in-the-air months were April (Asia) and November (Australia). Like many business travelers, some of these flights were either for vacation or at least included leisure time.

When the miles were totaled, it was a bit under 200,000 but remember that the President’s miles are pure butt-in-seat. No credit card signup bonuses, no mileage boost from credit card spend, no bonus miles for flying first class.

Obviously he would enjoy top tier status with any airline, meaning invitation-only levels like Concierge Key, Delta360, or Global Services. And obviously he’s a million miler but arguably he received the best million miler gift of all: The opportunity to fly Air Force One whenever he wants to.

Personally wouldn’t want the job of President but this part has some appeal. It could be pretty nice knowing that when I feel like flying somewhere, all I have to do is walk out my back door, get into a helicopter, fly a few minutes to the airport, board my plane and have a special meal waiting.



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