Orlando Tourist Sues United Airlines over Ticket Prices

United Airlines 2I can kind of understand this lawsuit and no doubt many who have purchased multiple airline tickets at one time will at least feel some sympathy. Seems this tourist from Illinois purchased three one-way tickets to Orlando from United Airlines. If he had purchased the three tickets separately, he claims the total airfare would have been lower. As I said, there are many travelers who can relate to this.

This class action lawsuit has only one plaintiff at the moment but if you are interested, I am sure his lawyer would be happy to add your name to the class action list.


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  1. So who’s next? Did this person go to Disney while in Orlando? Also why one-way tickets? Can I also file a lawsuit since the last time I flew to Miami it would have been cheaper to book the Orlando flight that stops in Miami along the way on the same aircraft as my ticket. I get it but it seems like a waste of time.

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