For many people, Airbnb has some advantages over hotels. Users of the service often end up with nicer accommodations that are more central to their AirBNBLogodestination. Oh, and there is that nice advantage that they are usually less expensive than nearby hotels, in part because they haven’t been charging guests the typically 10-18% taxes that hotels are required to pass along.

Beginning soon, those days will be coming to an end for Airbnb. The startup has agreed to Read More…

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Seems this subject about Marriott blocking Wi-Fi at a Nashville hotel has been beaten to death but Marriott chose to drag it out. Instead of admitting it was aMarriott logo mistake and wouldn’t let it happen again, the hotel chain went on the offensive asking the FCC for guidance. Well, really more like protection for their scheme.

It took months but no doubt after enduring horrible PR and seeing meeting planners book events at properties other than Marriott, the hotel caved and began allowing Wi-Fi other than the hotel’s version a couple weeks ago pending the outcome from this ‘guidance’ they wanted from the FCC. They just got their guidance with the agency responding fairly quickly, saying…

“The Communications Act prohibits anyone from … interfering with authorized radio communications, including Wi-Fi,” said FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler in a statement. “Marriott’s request seeking the FCC’s blessing to block guests’ use of non-Marriott networks is contrary to this basic principle.”

In other words, it was a mistake the first time, trying it again will cost a lot more than the original $600,000 fine. Wi-Fi, at least on the ground, is meant to be open and available to everyone.

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The folks at Hotel WiFi Test released their worldwide analysis of hotel Wi-Fi and some of the results may be surprising. It is not surprising they found that South Korea earned the top spot. After all, that country is typically ranked in the number one slot as is Japan at number two. Indeed they rank the quality in Asia as the best in the world. The problem, however, is finding that good Wi-Fi for free at hotels.

Wi-Fi in the United States ranked somewhat slower compared to the other regions. The U.S. ranked only number 40 with a fairly low quality rating. But it was not all bad news. At least in America, free hotel Wi-Fi is plentiful, among the most in the world.

You can read the entire report here … hopefully via super fast hotel Wi-Fi :-)



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Today there are a number of upscale hotels that offer their guests use of iPads. This idea, however, is more unique and a stroke of brilliance at Marriott. Not sure who gets the credit for this but Marriott is offering GoPro cameras to their guests. For free.GoPro HERO4

Before you pack your bags and head out to the nearest Marriott, note that it is Read More…

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GoGo InflightGoGo Inflight just got a boost into the internet future when they received FCC approval to use their new 2Ku satellite on a thousand aircraft. GoGo hopes to have this installed in the second half of 2015.

This new technology offers impressive Read More…

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CESA bittersweet moment, the final day of CES. Four long days walking the floors looking for products that will help travelers and still not enough time to visit every exhibitor’s booth. You can read about the previous days here at:

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

In the end, the time was well worth it as I found many new items – techie and otherwise – that will help everyone in their travels.

I spent a lot of time with Read More…

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The posts from the previous days are here for Day 1 and here for Day 2.

Because CES attendance is still growing – almost 25% come from 150 countries outside the U.S. – the need for space exceeds the convention center. That meant many exhibitors had to go offsite at the Venetian/Sands convention center. Not a short trek at all but worth it for the new tech goodies that are making their way to market.

If you like to stand up your phone in landscape or portrait mode for, say, using Skype or watching a movie, there are many stands out there. Problem is, they often break at the plastic hinge. That won’t happen with an outstanding innovation from Read More…

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The first of the technology gadgets for travelers seen during my first day at CES 2015 is here. Ironically, it was computer/internet glitches that prevented me from posting Day 2 yesterday.

Today is another day with my 160,000 closest friends. Actually, CEO Gary Shapiro said that today already topped the attendance for last year so it may be 170,000 before the show ends.

Most people want to know their home is secure when they are traveling. What makes Read More…

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I love January because it always begins with the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The latest, the greatest, the newest, the smartest. Innovation at its best.

International CES 2015

Of course I am always on the lookout for great travel products. One useful product for many travelers, for example, is the Read More…

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In a recent post about Hilton’s failure to keep up with the competition for in-room Wi-Fi, I mentioned one popular source for testing the speed of the connection. Commentor Glenn was kind enough to post an alternate site. That got me thinking, there are a few more-or-less reliable sources out there but each one will give different results.

Probably the best known is Read More…

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While I have been wondering for years why it is taking so long for hotels to offer free in-room Wi-Fi, my last post about this was nearly a year ago. Since then, there has been much improvement toward opening up free Wi-Fi to all hotel guests.

The first major move for free in-room Wi-Fi actually began with InterContinental Hotel Group. Back in March, 2013, the giant hotel chain announced they would offer free in-room internet access to all Rewards Club members worldwide beginning this year. This opened up their higher end properties like Crowne Plaza and InterContinental to virtually everyone, joining free Wi-Fi programs of smaller chains like Omni, Loews, Fairmont, Dubai-based Jumeirah, and Kimpton which was recently acquired by IHG.

A couple months ago, Marriott joined the free Wi-Fi movement by Read More…

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