5 Products from the Travel Goods Show

The 2011 Travel Goods Association (TGA) Show held in Chicago is over, but the products I want to show you keep on going! I recently talked about several of the products from the TGA show that I thought would be of interest to travelers: More Cool Products from the Travel Goods Show, Travelpro’s New Walkabout Lite 4 and SCOTTEVEST – Love this Coat for Travel!

This week I showcase an additional five products. There were so many great products that I separated them into a few videos.

Take a look at this items, great for travelers and non-travelers alike:

  1. Clipa (http://www.clipa.us) is a clever, attractive and strong purse hanger. Unlike some of the flimsier purse hangers that get lost in the bottom of your purse, this one attractively hangs on your purse handle. More importantly, it easily holds your purse on a table, seatback, bathroom door and more – up to 45 pounds! I have put my laptop tote on the airport bathroom floor for the LAST time! This will be with me always!
  2. Zensha’s Fresh Leg (http://www.zensah.com) compression stockings help reduce swelling and discomfort during travel but still allows you to wear your own socks or go without. They’re very comfortable and I had no swelling after a long late-day flight.
  3. Sip N’ Go (http://www.buysipngo.com) is a foldable reusable water bottle that folds neat and small enough to fit in your pocket or clips to your laptop tote. It’s lightweight, easy to drink from, freezable and features a comfortable carrying ring. And it’s dishwasher safe, so it can be thoroughly cleaned upon your return home. This is great for keeping a water bottle with you at all times without the extra bulk when it’s empty. I’ll try this product on my upcoming travels.
  4. Slice (http://www.sliceproducts.com) – a safety cutter that the TSA should be ok with! It features a finger-friendly microscopic ceramic blade that’s quick, easy and a safe substitute for scissors. Great for trying to open shrink-wrap packages, cutting threads from your clothes, or articles from a newspaper.
  5. Travelon’s First Class Sleeper (http://www.travelonbags.com) – provides back and neck support with an easy 10-12 breaths of air. And folds up small for easy carrying. This may just make your coach seatmates jealous of your first-class comfort! I tried this product at the show and found it comfortable in the few minutes I tested it. I’ve not used it during an actual flight.

I’ve got a couple more products to show you in upcoming posts . . . and I’m keeping one of the award-winning products from the 2011 Travel Goods Association Show to the very end!

Let me know which products interest you. I’ll stock them at Smart Women Travelers or help you find a retailer who has them.

To receive a free copy of our ebook, 70 Secrets to Safe Travel — Because Your Life Can Change in a Heartbeat, and for more travel savvy info to help you travel smarter, safer and with more enjoyment, visit SmartWomenTravelers.com and PearlsofTravelWisdom.com.

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  1. Did you pick up a Slice to try out in the real world? I’d love to hear if you have any TSA troubles with it, and if it’s actually effective at getting through layers of packing tape & shrink wrap! That blade is tiny!

  2. Great travel tools! I especially love the collapsible water bottle. I hate having to buy plastic bottles at airports and lugging around my big aluminum ones is a pain, too.

  3. Hi TK — Yes, I’ve used the Slice a few times now. I actually does go through tough plastic wrapping — much easier than a scissors does! I haven’t yet put it in my carry-on bag but will update you when I do.

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