One-Third of the Way There with Airline Fee Disclosure

It’s been talked about for a long time and the rules are finally changing – airlines will need to disclose government taxes and fees and other mandatory charges in their advertised fares. Baggage fees are another item that will soon be full disclosed.

Airlines to Disclose Ticket Prices Upfront gives more details on the rules that go into effect on January 24th.

Now we need the other two-thirds taken care of.

How would you like to know the full price of a hotel room (showing the myriad of taxes and those annoying resort fees) upon your initial searching? There should be a rule for this one, too. I recently had to explain to a few international travelers who were visiting the U.S. why their credit cards were charged $203.00 for a hotel room that cost $179.00 a night.

And while advocating new rules, how about one for car rentals? Instead of seeing $42.00/day like I often do in cities I travel, show me the true rate of $68.00 once the airport concession fee recovery is added, the busing cost recovery, property tax, title/license reimbursement & customer facility charge and energy surcharge. What are all these charges anyway? Oh, and don’t forget the tax!

Let’s first see how the airlines react on January 24th to the new rules. If it’s successful here, maybe here’s hope for the other two thirds.


  1. Hi Tom — There’s an update in the contest post on the winner.
    (UPDATE: We have a winner! Congratulations to Kyle. He likes good coffee and people watching, and will soon be enjoying two free nights at a Courtyard by Marriott of his choice.)
    Sorry for not making it clearly visible in a separate post.
    Hopefully Marriott or others will offer similar or even better contests in the future and I’ll update you if they do.

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