Win a Seat with Randy Petersen – Share Your Words of Wisdom

Would you like to win an airline seat next to Randy Petersen? You can join him on the upcoming Star MegaDO4, flying on November 14/15, 2012 from San Francisco to Houston and on to Chicago.

Entering the contest is easy. All you have to do is post words of wisdom you would give a new business traveler. Post your entry in the comments below, and make sure to use your valid email address. You can also enter once on each of the participating Boarding Area blogs. The contest ends October 7th at 11:59, so make sure to post your words of wisdom on time!

Good luck!

For more information, visit the official contest page and the official rules page.



  1. Always give chocolates to the FA’s. They are usually very very appreciative and will be your best friend the rest of the flight 😉

  2. Travel light. Make everything fit in an easy-to-schlepp carry on — one with four wheels if you want to pull, or a good shoulder strap if you want to carry.

  3. Always have a travel pack list. Update it during and after every trip. You will never forget anything… turning off/down the HVAC, turning off the water, stopping the news paper, tipping singles, etc.

  4. Pack less than you think you need. And understand that delays will happen. Don’t take it out on the gate agents or the flight attendants, it’s not their fault. Wait for the angry person to stop yelling, and then ask nicely. They’re far more inclined to help the nice person.

  5. Make sure you don’t leave points on the table unearned for every travel-related thing you do.

  6. Spend the time to get on the airline you want (is almost possible on any corporate system)

  7. Keep your iphone charged with a portable charger. Use it while flying to your next destination.

  8. Remember to put in your FF member on reservations. I have friends who don’t clock miles at all – and they travel > 200k a year.

  9. Two tips. First have a backup plan if your flight is canceled. (Know the next available flight even if it’s on another airline). Second, always bring eye masks

  10. Even in these current times, be sure to bring cash and have printed directions to your first destination you plan to go after landing – these two will surprisingly save you many times over, regardless of where you happen to travel and your mode of transportation once you get there.

  11. Travel with flat power strip. You’ll never have enough outlets! Thanks for the contest.

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