Health and Fitness Resolutions for Your 2014 Travels

Winter Jogging by Franco on Flickr

Getting fit, losing weight, taking more time for self, better work/life balance – any of these on your list of New Year’s Resolutions? And are your travels for 2014 kicking off soon? Business trips will resume in full force next week and many of us will be toting along new fitness gear, new apps on our mobile devices and a renewed vigor for health.

How do we keep the momentum going towards better health when we’re rushing through airports, attending meetings and not fully in control of your own schedule?

Start by adding health and fitness items to your packing list. Plan for the type of workout you’ll have time to do (hotel fitness center, in-room exercise, a run in your hotel’s vicinity, airport walking, for example) and make your list of the necessary items to pack; remember earbuds, pedometer, exercise band, etc… I also bring along a few individually-wrapped sanitizing wipes for fitness centers that may not have cleaning clothes.

Next, pack up any supplements you’ll be taking. I take various supplements in the morning, at meal times and in the evening, so I pack them up separately in small pill pouches, such as this. Look to your pharmacy for such pouches.

Then add your health and fitness time to your list of non-negotiables for the day. Brushing your teeth, taking a shower – these are non-negotiables and so should self-care be.

I just read that a consultant friend is retiring from the road warrior life. He said he doesn’t want to suffer another heart attack and blames his years of unhealthy living while traveling. Unhealthy living is optional – it is possible to travel for business and eat healthy and make time for fitness.

Watch for more healthful living on the road topics such as:

  • Travel-friendly workout clothes and shoes
  • Best fitness apps for yoga, strength and cardio
  • Airport workouts
  • Finding trainers and workout centers in other cities
  • and more

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Photo courtesy of Franco on Flickr.

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  1. Actually I just bought the p90x3 set. Alot of the exercises can be done in your hotel room etc. 30 min workouts! 🙂

  2. Traveling totally doesn’t have to mean forgoing workouts. There are travel yoga mats, exercise videos, etc. It worked for me, until I got lazy. 😀 I definitely need to work out more!

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