Hotel Offering: Yoga by the Sea

Here’s an item for the Hilton Garden Inn in Veracruz, Mexico hotel’s “Amenities” page that will have you wishing you were in Veracruz right now:

Staying with us on a Tuesday night?
Then don comfortable clothes and join us on the beach for a 7pm yoga and relaxation session.
We’ll go for 90 minutes or more so you can really relax after a long day or work or play.
Enjoy our colorful mats,
Listening to the crashing waves
And feeling the warm gulf breezes.
Stretch your body,
Learn relaxation techniques.
Don’t worry that you may not know what to do.
We’re all friends here.
And yes, we speak Spanish and English.
Best of all, the session is free!

Hotel Yoga

Why I’m writing this instead of sitting cross-legged on one of the colorful mats is simply because I was unaware of this wonderful hotel offering until another guest mentioned it to me afterwards; not by any hotel write-up about it. Now that I know, on my next visit to this hotel I’m certain my photos will be taken from the left-most mat in the front row as my hair blows in the warm winds and I soak in the sound of the waves.

If you’d like to be cross-legged on one of these mats yourself, check out Hilton Garden Inn, Veracruz, Mexico.


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