New Year’s Eve in Miami not as Expensive as NY But Still…

When it comes to hotel reservations for New Year’s Eve, the $50,000 package at the Marriott Marquis may be the most expensive of all. But to be fair, at least that includes a room with dinner, entertainment, and everything else. If all you want is a room, it will set you back only $999.Popping Champagne Cork

Miami apparently is quite happy if you only take a room there for New Year’s Eve. Well, they should be with a price increase of 500%. For the same $999 as the Marriott in Times Square, you could enjoy a night at The Fashionhaus in South Beach but if you want to see the ball drop in Times Square, you will have to watch it on television.

Ha! And you thought Uber’s surge pricing was expensive.

According to the article, less than 10% of the area hotels still have rooms available for New Year’s Eve. This is exactly why the least expensive room is now $400 for the night. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me but for that kind of money, I could be even happier sitting on the beach and watching the sun rise a few hours later.

Happy New Year to you! May all your travels in 2015 take you to your lifetime dream destinations!

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  1. Thought you were supposed to be “points” expert??? Every Marriott in Miami is available, some for as low as 25K points.

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