Has United Gone Super-Sized?

IMG_6430Is United trying to one-up Delta with their new super-size 1-liter bottle of Dasani water that awaits in domestic first class? Or was this just a fluke?

I flew United a few weeks ago and no such bottle of water was waiting for me at my first class seat. Nor has a bottle of water ever been waiting for me on a United domestic flight, not of any size. Yet today, this was the surprise greeting at every first class seat.

On Delta, of course this is the usual greeting. My refrigerator as been known to hold a bottle or two (small bottle, no monster liter size, that is) of Dasani carted home from a Delta flight for drinking in the car, but never have I seen a liter size bottle of water.

Is this a new United offering that we will continue to receive? Or a catering oops on an early Monday morning? Or just a fluke that will never be seen again (after all, this does impact the lav lines).

Yes, I should have asked the flight attendant for the story on the liter bottles, but at 6am in the morning my “inquiring minds want to know…” brain cells hadn’t yet kicked in. And then the eyelids closed for the duration of the trip.

So I’m asking you instead. What’s the scoop? Do tell in the comment section below.


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  1. No matter what size. Bottles of water is only provided on international flights in first and business only on UA. What route was this?

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