Celebrate California’s Birthday by Sharing Your Favorite City in the Golden State

San Francisco California

Today is the State of California’s 163rd birthday. Since this is a state that many of us travel to, both for business and pleasure, it may be interesting to read this post on 19 Things You Might Not Know About California.

The story of why California has the one-word state motto of “Eureka!” is interesting, as is the average credit score of Californians (you credit-card fans of California may want to see how you compare).

California offers so many cities to travel to and I’m sure you have your favs and not-so-favs.

For me, I love San Francisco. This is a city my whole family loves to travel to. I even walked the city over the course of a 2-day 39-mile Avon Walk for breast cancer and it was amazing to walk across the Golden Gate Bridge and hike up and down the hills of the city.

I also love Monterey, but traveling there isn’t the easiest. I passed on a multi-month project to this beautiful part of California because the commute to and from Florida each week would have been too lengthy.

So Happy Birthday wishes to California! Share your favorite city to travel to in California and what you most like about it.

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  1. Aleghany in Sierra county is more of a very small mining town or village with amazing history and having the longest continous current operating gold mine, sixteen to one mine.

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